Parrot Playhouse

We make Natural Bird Safe Foraging Toys at Parrot Playhouse in the U.S.A. Our Yucca is handpicked on a friend's private pesticide-free property and then serialized by baking it in ovens at a specific temperature and time. The natural colors and texture of the Yucca will satisfy your bird's instinct to shred and chew. You can also make holes in the Yucca and hide your bird's favorite treats for your birds to forage. Because Yucca is natural, it might come in whiteish, brownish, and yellow shades. You may also see tiny brown natural holes in the Yucca, adding to your bird's foraging experience. Colored toys are colored with natural coloring and shipped directly from Parrot Playhouse. Toy Sizes, Colors, and Shapes May Vary in all our toys. Enjoy💚

1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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