Parrot Playhouse Bird Toys

Parrot Playhouse Toys are 100% All Natural, Handcrafted Bird Toys from Parrot Playhouse 

(as seen on YouTube).

All Yucca & Manzanita are sourced locally here in California. 100% pesticide Free, Cleaned via Dry Heat Sterilization, & colored using natural food grade dyes.

The toys your bird receives are the exact toys my own flock enjoys! 

By purchasing our toys, you help give us the ability to continue the hard work of Parrot Rescue, and we Thank You so much💚!

Visit us on YouTube to Learn More about our toys, our Parrot Rescue work, Bird Care Tips, and more!*

Due to all parts being of natural origin, there will be variations from item to item as well as natural discolorations. This is all completely natural, and safe😊

About Us

April & Victoria

store owner

Our Mission is to Raise Awareness of the Parrot Crisis by sharing Parrot Rescue Stories of the Parrot Survivors and teach Parrot Owners how to properly care for their Parrots. 

WE ALSO MAKE NATURAL PARROT TOYS! We make Natural Bird Safe Foraging Toys at Parrot Playhouse. We do not use dangerous cotton rope, pear links, or plastic materials that can hurt your Parrots. Parrots love our toys!💚

Parrot Playhouse Birds

Baby - Yellow-Naped Amazon

Puffy - White Bellied Caique

Victoria Cockatoo - Umbrella Cockatoo

Thomas - Lilac Crowned Amazon

Jesse - African Grey 

Maui - Black Headed Caique

Quinn - Lilac Crowned Amazon

Sammy - Blue Crowned Conure🌈